Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Big Question

And the answer to that question is unfortunately no! There are a couple of things that we do know however; there are more families on the Special Needs list than have been in the past. And it will all work out in God's timing. We are praying that God will bring her to us as soon as possible. In my last post I am sure you could tell that I was a little down in the dumps about the wait. This is a roller coaster ride after all, but Jay said something to me that has really helped. He said, Carla you keep saying it is going to take forever for her to get here, it is going to be 2 years before we see a referral.......but you are forgetting that God is HUGE! He can do anything! So instead of praying to get through the long wait, let's start praying that he brings Charlotte to us now! He can do it, we just need to have faith in Him. I have felt so much better concentrating on those words and every night we pray as a family (Ethan included) that God will bring Charlotte to us soon! I read on our agency's Weekly Update that AWAA will be receiving a small batch of new Special Needs referrals in the next few weeks. This is an unexpected batch and there is a very real possibility that Charlotte is not in those referrals but we are fervently praying that she is, and if she is not we will contine to wait upon the Lord. The biggest lesson that God has taught us through this process so far is is to Be Patient, Trust in Him and He will give you the desires of your heart according to his perfect plan. So continue to pray with us that Charlotte comes home soon!