Thursday, June 28, 2007


We received our referral on June 28th. Our Letter of Intent was sent to China on 7/5/07.

Here is the info we have about Charlotte:
DOB: 6/25/2006 (She just celebrated her 1st birthday)

Once we have the appropriate paperwork done we will post her picture. She is a CUTIE!!!
She is in the Guangdong Province of China and has been in the Yang Chun Social Welfare institute since she was abandoned at 2 days old. Her file says she is closest to her caregiver and likes to bury her head in your chest when being held (how sweet!) She does have a special need as she was born with a cleft lip and cleft palate. She will need surgery for both once we return from China. We have already met with our pediatrian and he feels that other that the lip/palate she is very healthy. We have also sent her info on to a craniofacial specialist to review so that we can be ready to move forward when we return. Again I will post her picture soon, but for now know that we are so excited that God has chosen us to be the parents of such a special little girl.
In Him,
Jay, Carla and Ethan

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