Wednesday, May 30, 2007

7 Month LID

Well, we have been Logged in with China for almost 7 months now and we started this journey almost 13 months ago. Where are we now? Well, we all know that we are waiting to meet Charlotte but I have also learned some important lessons in this last year. God has really used this journey to teach me so much. I am the kind of person that is extremely organized, everything is planned out down to the second, and when a kink is thrown into "my plan" I get very anxious about it. I have always been this way, as my mother likes to remind me, and I have a son who is this way as well. He always wants to know "so what is the plan for today." But through our adoption journey so far the overwhelming lesson is "there is not a my plan." God is definitely in control and I have to give in to his will. No matter how much I want to change this, or do something else, or ask another question, I can't make the process faster or more efficient. No matter how hard I try:) But, it has been good for me. I find myself more and more just saying, go with the flow Carla. It is all in God's hands and all you can do is pray about it and lean on him. Actually, what a burden that is lifted off of me. It is not my "problem" to fix, I don't have to come up with answers, or a more efficient way of completing the task. God will do it all for me-how awesome! We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that our Charlotte is out there, we just have to be patient and wait on Him. Thanks for taking this journey with us and for your encouragement and prayers. We appreciate it more than you know.