Friday, August 3, 2007

Lateset News and Finding Ad

We are still moving along with more paperwork to bring Charlotte home. We need to have a home study update completed because in Virginia your home study can only be 1 year old at the time of adoption. We also need to have our fingerprints done again for Immigration. Luckily, we get one free extension so we do not have to pay for that again That change just took place on July 30th! We have also through the help of located Charlotte's finding ad. In China, when a child is abondoned, the orphange must run an ad in the local paper, an attempt to find the child's parents or family before they are placed up for adoption. Charlotte's ad was run on January 20, 2007 (she was already almost 7 months old.) The finding ad reads: Yangchun Hua Sha, Female, On June 27, 2006 she was found at the gate of the Yangchun City Welfare Institute. She has small eyes, a little hair and a cleft palate and lip. Claim unit: Yangchun City Welfare Institute.

We think she is probaby 5 or 6 months??? old in the photo. I have also included a picture of all the entire newspaper page, look at all those beautiful children who need forever families just like Charlotte. Keep those prayers coming for us and Charlotte. We still have quite a bit of $$$ to raise for our travel expenses. We have applied for one grant and are working on another now. So your prayers for financial needs to be met as well would be wonderful. We will keep you updated

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