Thursday, October 18, 2007

Prayer Request

Hello Everyone,
We have a major prayer request today. We are still waiting on our Travel Approval. The last piece of paper we need before we can go get Charlotte. Our agency has a group leaving on November 1st. We really want to be part of that group!!!! Please be in prayer with us that God will move mountains and bring that TA to us from China very soon. We still have a chance to get in with the group if it comes in the next week and a half. Thank you for all your prayers thus far and please keep them coming! If we do not get in with the 11/1 group it may be closer to the end of Novemeber before we will be able to leave.

I posted a new pic of Charlotte. It was taken on the same day as the last photo believe it or not, but by a different family. It looks like she just woke up and needs her mommy, daddy and big brother to give her a BIG SQUEEZE!!!

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