Thursday, October 5, 2006

Adoption Timeline

May 3rd Sent application to AWAA

May 16th Approved to adopt from through AWAA

June 26th Went to AWAA for1st home study meeting

July 22nd 2nd home study meeting at our house

July 24th 3rd home study meeting with Jay alone

July 25th 4th home study meeting with Carla alone

July 26th Sent in I-600A application to federal government

August 3rd Home Study Report Completed

August 11th Sent all notarized paperwork to the Sec. of the Commonwealth for certification

August 17th Received our certified documents for the Sec. of the Commonwealth

August 23rd Fingerprinted for FBI check

August 31st I-171h approved

Sept. 6th Received our I-171h approval in the mail. We can now officially adopt internationally

Sept. 15th Sent documents to US State Department for Authentication

Sept. 27th Documents back from the State Department

Sept. 29th Travel to DC to get Chinese Authentication then dropped off completed Dossier at AWAA


Oct. 24th Approved for Special Needs Referral
We are now also on the Interested families List for waiting children.

Nov. 6th LOG IN DATE - We are official!

She is a cutie! DOB 6/25/06
Yang Chun Hua Sha

July 7th Electronic LOI

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