Monday, December 3, 2007

2 Weeks Home/1 month with Charlotte

Well it was four weeks ago today that Charlotte was put in our arms for the first time and boy has she changed since then. She is so confident in herself and is so proud of herself when she does something new. She loves to clap and is starting to hug her bear. She loves to play with her big brother and is making lots more noises than when we were in China. We are starting to get back to normal and are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas here at home. Tomorrow is our first appointment with the craniofacial team at CHKD so we will have more to post then about medical stuff and her upcoming surgery after that. She really is doing remarkably well and we thank you for all your prayers for adjustment and bonding. We still have our moments but are so grateful for how well she is doing. I am posting some pics of her here with us at home. Enjoy!!


Shannon said...

Charlotte is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I am so glad to have found you! Thanks for stopping by my blog and passing along the link to help Sallee!!!!
Blessings on you!

Karen said...

Hi My name is Karen from
I wanted to introduce myself. I am fairly new to blogging, but have enjoyed chatting and learning from other Sisters of Christ by blogging..
I have enjoyed browsing through your post and hope you will take a moment to visit mine .
Have a blessed day, I will be back to visit again soon..