Saturday, November 24, 2007

One Week Home

We'll be posting more pictures soon, but Carla and I were joking earlier this week about writing a post about the little things Charlotte loves, so...
Here is a very short list of things Charlotte loves about life at home that make Carla and I smile.
1. Wind and sunshine. The cool November breeze makes her giggle (and us too).
2. The sound of her bottle being made. We shake it to mix the formula, and when she hears that, she laughs out loud, and falls into the arms of the Carla or me. It's awesome!
3. When we tighten the belts on her carseat. There is this dial that you turn to make the belts tighter. It's like the carseat gives her a hug. Again, smiles and laughs.
4. Dancing and crib surfing. When she gets happy, she sways from side to side, lifting her feet. When she is standing in her pack and play, she will get her balance, and then let go in a surfing pose until she is about to fall, grabbing on to the rail again, followed by throwing her head back and laughing out loud.
It is truely the little things in life that bring the most joy. Things like Diet Pepsi with ice, laundry you don't have to pay for, "American" pizza, and time with friends and family. Thank God for home. As we continue to recover from jet lag, we realize more and more just how blessed we are.
Pictures from home to come. Have a great week!

Jay, Carla, Ethan, and Charlotte

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