Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Charlotte Day 3

First let me start by saying, today is much better. We still have a ways to go but we are all feeling better by the moment. Let me say also, thank you so much for your writing us on the guestbook. It so helps to hear from home, please know that your words are so encouraging to us. It is hard to be a new mommy and daddy again in a foriegn country. Your words are extremely comforting. Thank you so much.
Okay, so more about Charlotte she is eating much better, which is a huge relief. She is showing more happy times too. She played and laughed with Ethan at breakfast and let me carry her in the hip carrier which she would not do yesterday. She is moving around more and almost crawled a little on the bed. She will go to either Jay or I which is a huge relief. She even let me clean her lip, which made this mommy so happy. They did not do that before we got her and there was a lot of dried "stuff" on it. I did not want to mess with it before today, which was hard for me, my babies never have messy faces. But while she was eating I cleaned it all off-yeah!! I am posting some pics of her playing with Daddy and Ethan. We have to leave at 2:30 to get her Chinese Passport so easy day today. Ethan is doing much better as well just getting a little bored. We are going to try and venture out of the hotel today but it is hard because so many people stare at Charlotte's lip. I know it is cultural thing, but still hard for a mommy to take. I am trying to be brave though. I may do another post tonight if I have time. Thanks again for your messages and prayers we feel them working.

Carla, Jay, Ethan and Charlotte

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