Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Latest on Charlotte

Hello All! We are spending our last few days here in China spending time with the new friends we've gotten to know these few weeks. Many of them will be traveling home tomorrow morning, and we are trying not to be too jealous. It's hard to stay here knowing that 14 of the 18 families are heading home tomorrow. Charlotte is doing so much! Yesterday she showed us that hse can crawl! We knew she could do it, we had seen her do so in photos, but she is becoming more trusting and active each day. this morning, she was able to play in the bath for the first time and not fuss. As I write this, we are trying to explain "no" to her as she tries to grab at the laptop. Yes, she's becoming more comfortable each day. Today is a free day for us. no real plans, just passing the time until our appointment with the Consulate, and then traveling home on Saturday! We'll try to post more pictures tonight. See you soon!

Jay, Carla, Ethan and Charlotte

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