Friday, November 16, 2007

Our Final Post from China

Wow! This is our last post from China! I never thought the day would come that we would actually travel to get our Charlotte, and now we are heading home. Actually, we are really ready to return. As much as we have enjoyed being immersed in Chinese culture, we are all ready for home (personal space is at a premium in our hotel room, and in China in general).
What a wonderful, emotional, inspiring, and God-given trip this has been. There are just so many stories to share of how we have been blessed beyond measure. God continues to anoint this journey just as he did the day we decided to take it on. He continues to show us just how much He cares for us, how much he cares for all his children, and how he blesses us when we answer his call. I know we'll all have stories to share when we return.
Today was a wrap-up day in China. With most of the families in our travel group gone, it seems so quiet (prayers to all of them by the way, many who have long drives ahead of them after landing from thier 12+ hour flights). After breakfast we boarded the Guangzhou Metro for a subway adventure to Carrefour (the local wal-mart) for formula and diapers for the flight home. Then we had time for a quick nap before heading to the American Consolate. We had to appear and swear that we gave truthful information in all of our paperwork and statements to the consolate. Then we returned to the China Hotel to finish our time in Guangzhou the way we started...McDonald's take out.
Oh! Happy National Adoption Day everyone! How perfect it is that the day we Leave China (Saturday) and return home is National Adoption Day in the US.
Please continue to Pray for Carla, Charlotte and I as it seems we all have the same sinus bug. Ethan seems to have missed it, but his allergies may just cover it up. Pray also for our journey home, specifically our 12 hour flight from Beijing, the 5 hour layover in the Beijing Int. Airport, and for Charlotte. We have a fear that she will not do well with the cabin pressure on the airplane. No pictures today, but we'll have some to post when we get home and settled.
Thanks so much for your encouragement through the guestbook. It has been a really treat to hear your encouraging words from thousands of miles away.
See You Soon in the USA!!!

Jay, Carla, Ethan, and Charlotte

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