Friday, November 9, 2007

The Zoo and Shopping Too!

Yesterday we spent the morning at the local zoo. We saw lots of monkies, bears, and of course, a beuatiful panda. After the morning at the zoo, We cam home for lunch and a nap. Carla and Wendy met up with a local guide named Ann and they went on a subway metro excursion for some local shopping. They had a ball finding lots of local treasures for us to take home. While they were shopping, I had some daddy time with Charlotte and Ethan. Charlotte loves to play. She clapped stacking cups together, laughs and giggles, and loves to shake her head from side to side when I say "no, no!" I know what your thinking, it's cute now but just wait. Until then, it's precious. Today we are awainting the return of all the other traveling families. this time we get to meet thier new babies! They should be coming in throughout the day today, so we;ll just relax here in the hotel, and I may venture out to the local mart to pick up more formula and water. One week until we return home!!! Yeah! Enjoy a few pics from the zoo.
Jay, Carla, Ethan, and Charlotte.

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