Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lazy Day and New Games

Well we had a pretty lazy day today. We had breakfast in the hotel and then met up with the rest of the families from our group who flew in today. It was so nice to see everyone with their new additions. When they arrived we were able to move into a new room in the renovated (or should I say re-invented as the sign in the hotel says) part of the hotel. Finally a queen size bed that is soft. We have been sleeping in full beds that were hard as rocks. Ethan was excited to see the flat screen TV too, pretty cool. We got unpacked in the new room and caught up with friends from the group. Then we ordered food with another family and had dinner together in the room to talk about our experience. It was so nice to hear each others storys. Tomorrow we will go to a folk art museum and the grocery store, so it should be fun. Hope everyone at home is doing well, we are in the final stretch now!!!
Oh, I almost forgot. Charlotte has a new game. I was kissing her today and when I stopped she made a little sound like "ha, ha, ha" (so sweet) and so I kissed her again. Now when she wants us to kiss her she will make that sound, it is so sweet and such a good sign about our bonding and attachment. We can't wait for you to all meet our sweet girl, she will steal your heart.

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