Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Charlotte Day 4

We are all doing so much better today. Charlotte woke this morning with a smile for all of us. She is starting to adjust more and more every day. She will only drink formula and juice for now, but I keep trying the cereal and bananas. She will do it eventually. She is so much more relaxed with all of us and is just a cutie!! We are enjoying having special moments with. Thanks again for the journal entries we love to hear from home. We are doing better with the looks too, we just ignore or stare back. She is beautiful little girl and we are so happy that she is our daughter and little sister. Today we went to a Museum and Ethan is excited to visit the zoo tomorrow. Thanks again for your prayers, we love and miss you all.

Carla, Jay, Ethan and Charlotte

From Ethan:
She is doing so good and getting really used to us. I like to play with her rings with her and play the drops game. She drops them and I pick them up. She gives us smiles and she laughs. I miss everybody. Love, Ethan

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