Monday, November 5, 2007

We Have Charlotte!!!

Okay, I am making this a quick post because we have to pay by the hour for internet service in the hotel. We will try out the free wireless internet at Starbucks tomorrow to post more. We flew out of Bejing this morning to Guangzhou, leaving the hotel at 5:30am. Then we arrived checked into the hotel and went to the cival affairs office to meet Charlotte. We ended up having to wait about 1 1/2 hours the van from the orphanage was running late because one of the babies was having motion sickness. Of course that was Charlotte. Anyway they finally brought her in and she was good as gold. Not a single tear, but not really a smile either. I think she was a little shocked by the whole experience. She is starting to open up a little bit more the longer she is with us, so keep those prayers coming they are working. We are very blessed to have been chosen to be Charlotte's parents. We are so excited to have in our arms at last. We love you all, thanks for helping us get this far.

In Him,
Jay, Carla, Ethan and Charlotte (yeah, I can finally say that)

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