Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Full Day in Guangzhou

Today was a full, but relatively quiet day in Guangzhoou. After Breakfast, we went to a Chinese folk art museum. It was in a former temple. There were wood carvings, siks, sculpture, fans, and so much more. Carla discovered a Chinese folk instrument much like the modern recorder that she easily picked up and played with a little instructionfrom the shopkeeper. From there we went to a department store for those that needed to purchase supplies, and then back to the China Hotel.
After a brief rest, Carla went to sign papers (3 hours worth! Whew!) While I stayed back with Ethan while Charlotte slept. After her nap we went for a walk through a local garden / park and then to dinner with some of our travel friends, the Nicholson's and the Duffy's.
Tomorrow we'll take Charlotte to her Adoption medical examination, and explore a shopping village, which I'm guessing will be quite an experience!
On a serious note, Charlotte appears to be teething. She chews on her fingers (and ours), and seems less content than usual. We are hoping she sleeps well tonight, and that she'll find comfort in the tylenol we can give her. Hopefullyh she'll be back to herself tomorrow.
Blessings and enjoy the new pictures!
Jay, Carla, Ethan, and Charlotte

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